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World’s only Fairtrade-certified coco peat supplier

Real Cocos stand for industrial grade professional coco peat grow media substrates for greenhouses.

Mass customization of our manufacturing processes of coco peat grow media enables variety of new granulometric combinations for your advantage.
Our emphasis on lean manufacturing and managing sigma levels for variance with strong focus on continual improvement leading to innovative new solutions.
Our stringent approach on adopting management systems, policies & procedures in line with high level structures of ISO based management systems demands adherence to compliances such as ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018.

Our commitment to continuous improvements and innovations qualify us in supplying reliable coir fiber grow media substrates for world class operators of large scale greenhouses.


Make growing possible anytime

Our vision is to make growing possible anytime, anywhere in the world. We intend to contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal of “zero hunger” by making food available and affordable for everyone. Our coco peat grows media is the perfect tool for this, as it is light in weight, easy to transport, displays excellent rooting, high water retention, and optimum air porosity, making it possible to grow crops even in remote areas, despite barriers of extreme weather conditions, and limited water resources. With our portfolio, we can help to make the world a more sustainable and livable place for all beings.


To enable best fit coco peat substrate just right for your greenhouse

Our mission is to provide coco peat grow media solutions, customized to cater needs of your greenhouse. We understand that every crop is unique, and has specific growth requirements. Hence, we offer a range of coco peat grows media products, tailored to meet your specific needs.
Our coco peat products are made from 100% natural coco coir and are completely biodegradable. Being free from chemicals, pesticides, and other harmful substances, coco peat is an excellent growing medium for a variety of plants, due to excellent aeration and drainage properties. If you are looking for a multipurpose grow media substrate that is the best fit for your greenhouse, talk to our experts today.

– Brand Values –

Fairtrade – Transparency and ethical sourcing and trading in a responsible manner

Through Fairtrade certification, we ensure transparency in trade transactions, while ethically sourcing and trading in a responsible manner. Fairtrade standards and practices take the emphasis away from price competition, focusing instead on fairness, collaboration, good faith, and transparency.

Fairtrade practices guide us to pay the guaranteed minimum price for the raw materials if the market price falls below this rate.

From a social perspective, the company pays a fairtrade premium, which the farmers themselves use to improve their working conditions collectively and personal development. These finances are also used to fund health and education programs as well as for environmental protection.

Hence, a societal, environmental, and economic dimension enables farmers and their families to become empowered and uplift their livelihood.


Our commitment to excellence along with customer centricity and focus on prospect enable us to continually evolve our portfolio creating purpose and future for next generation growing solutions. We are determined to deliver finest quality and value for our coco peat grow media substrates through timely solutions.


Inspire innovative next practices enabling sustainability of growth. Create new industry standards of farming by changing the expectations of growers.


We are reputed for standing up to reliability through consistent delivery of quality products and services. Standing up to this promise we ensure that our products meet your standards of quality. Having a strong focus on customer service, we are committed to having open and honest relationship with our valued customers, and being responsible for our actions ensuring hassle-free experience and dependability.

Our credentials

Why Chooose Us


Fairtrade – Support livelihood of marginalized members of society in coconut plantation industry by utilization of Fairtrade premium.


Our innovation management system which is inline of ISO 56002 enables robust R&D practices leading to product level innovations.


Compliance & quality management systems certified by SGS. Following our vision we are dedicated to supplying products with minimum variances due to stringent adherence to Quality management systems.


Your dedicated account manager and systematic presales and compliance systems enables.