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Mangrove conservation project in Puttalam basin

Our focus on a sustainable future thrive us to being committed for a better tomorrow.
The Puttalam basin in Sri Lanka is home to a majority of the coconut plantations in the country. This makes it one of the most important regions for coconut production in the world.

Mangroves provide vital habitats and services that protect coastal communities from extreme weather events such as coastal erosion and sea level rise, and support many species of fish and other marine life. Puttalam basin is the second largest lagoon in Sri Lanka and it’s environmental productivity was found to be very high compared to other lagoons. However, unsustainable practices such as agricultural and industrial activities, housing schemes for settlements, expansion of shrimp farms …etc. have become a threat to the balance in mangrove ecosystem.

To ensure that these invaluable ecosystems can continue to thrive and support local communities, it is essential that a mangrove conservation project be established within the Puttalam basin. This initiative will not only protect existing mangrove forests but also create new ones and help regenerate degraded habitats. It will also provide much needed jobs and income opportunities for local communities.

Mangrove replanting project

The Puttalam basin area is in dire need of mangrove replanting. To make this project a success, we collaborated with “Seacology – Sudeesa mangrove museum”, a non-profit organization with a focus on educating locals and ecotourists, creating awareness in working together to conserve and restore mangrove ecosystems in Sri Lanka. With their help, we can ensure that the mangrove seedlings are planted properly and with enough care and attention to ensure the restoration of the natural environment, extending a positive impact on local communities.

Our efforts are in line with the following Sustainable Development goals, founded by United Nations.

Trainings on livelihood development projects

By providing sustainable livelihood training and microloans to women and young people, Seacology empowers them to become leaders in community mangrove conservation. This initiative not only helps mitigate poverty but also creates a long-term solution for protecting the environment. By partnering with Seacology, our efforts are to help create healthy ecosystems and vibrant local economies for a sustainable future.