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Greenhouse cultivation

Greenhouse cultivation is revolutionizing the way we produce food. Open field farming, practiced in traditional agriculture has created a significant damage to environment and ecosystem. In contrast, greenhouse farming support reducing the excessive use of harmful chemicals and fertilizers, enabling drastic reduction in impact on the environment. Not only does it minimize carbon footprints, but it also increases crop yield and reduces water wastage. Greenhouse cultivation is a sustainable solution that provides a promising future for agricultural production.

Coco peat – Renewable resource

Cocopeat (coco coir) is a renewable resource that has been gaining attraction in recent years. This unique material is produced from the husk of a coconut and has numerous benefits for plant growth and fertility. Cocopeat is a great choice for those looking to reduce their environmental impact, as it can be reused multiple times and breaks down naturally into the soil. Additionally, it is an affordable option for greenhouse growers, making it an ideal choice for sustainable farming practices.

Coco peat (coco coir) is the ideal growing medium for any type of plant. It provides long term water-holding capacity and air-filled porosity, ensuring optimal growth conditions for your crops. Coco coir substrate has proven to be superior compared to other alternatives, such as vermiculite or perlite, in terms of water and nutrient retention. Additionally, it’s highly cost effective and easy to use which makes it a great choice for greenhouse farming enthusiasts all over the world.