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Real Cocos Product Range

Our Coco peat products to meet the challenges of growing

We supply industrial-grade coco peat grow media for commercial greenhouses. Having roots in Sri Lanka with a legacy of planting, processing, and manufacturing coconut-based solutions for generations we are passionate to enable coco peat to grow media to the world. We collect the goodness of cocos grown during the finest vintages of tropical Sri Lanka to enable you with coco peat grow media for an optimum harvest.

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Grow Bags - Slab

Best soilless growing substrate for your greenhouse. Our grow bag products are 100% natural, having prepared by mixing coco peat and coco chips at your desired ratio, and compressed to form slabs of required size. These are packed in UV stabilized poly bags crafted for usage in commercial greenhouses.

Having homogeneous composition, our products enable you numerous benefits include ease of installation and use, optimum and efficient use of water and fertilizer, proper aeration for root growth and compliance to product specification.

Open Top/ Grow Pot

Coco peat substrate of your desired composition is filled in a UV treated poly bag with pre-made drainage holes, enabling usage as it as a growing pot, facilitating root development of soft fruit crops like blueberry and vegetables. Having a variety of sizes and ease of handling, grow pots provide utmost convenience to your greenhouse.

5 Kg Blocks

Coco peat 5kg blocks are useful in a wide range of agricultural applications, typically for soil reconditioning and potting soil mixes, which require large volume of coco peat substrate. Each hydrated   block yields a volume of about 70 liters depending on the composition. 5kg blocks are commonly sold in retail markets and garden centers. The size and composition of the block can be customized as per your requirement.

25Kg Bale

Coco peat 25kg bales consist of coco peat, coco chips and coir fiber, mixed at customized ratio, compressed and packed in white poly bag for the ease of transportation and handling. This product is widely used in agricultural applications – as soil substitute for potting soil mixes, in seed generation and in soil conditioning. They are also used for non-agricultural applications like landscaping and home gardening.

Coco Peat Disks

Having cylindrical shape, coco peat discs are prepared by compressing coco peat in a disc with circular die. This product is being widely used to grow cut flowers and as seed trays in seed germination. They are well known to support faster seed germination and carries promising features such as low water requirement and optimum air porosity for root growth.


Coco Peat Briquettes are small sized coco peat blocks, available in three standard weights ranging from 300 – 650 grams, and yield a volume of about 6 to 10 liters upon hydration. Usually shrink-wrapped with label, our Coco Peat Briquettes are for retail markets in chain stores and garden centers for the use of home gardeners and hobby growers.

Nursery Cube

Coco peat filled in a bio-degradable porous non-woven fabric cubes and compressed to small sized pellets, Coco Peat Seed Starters are specifically designed for use in seedling, aiding the germination process, seedling growth and transplanting without affecting the young, delicate root system.

Propagation Cubes

Coco peat propagation cubes are made from pure coco peat, compressed and packed in UV treated poly bags with pre-made plant holes, plank holes and drain holes. Ideally used to propagate vegetable plants. Drainage holes support uptake of water and nutrients. Facilitate replanting via enabling direct placing over coco peat grow slabs, by having a removable bottom or fully perforated bottom.

Start Growing, our perfect products for your renewable resource

Cocopeat (coco coir) is a renewable resource that has been gaining attraction in recent years. This unique material is produced from the husk of a coconut and has numerous benefits for plant growth and fertility. Cocopeat is a great choice for those looking to reduce their environmental impact, as it can be reused multiple times and breaks down naturally into the soil. Additionally, it is an affordable option for greenhouse growers, making it an ideal choice for sustainable farming practices.